Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a popular kitchen staple that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a healthy and flavorful oil, but not all oils labeled as EVOO are pure. To identify pure extra virgin olive oil, it’s essential to know the different qualities and characteristics it should have. There are three main ways to identify this oil: taste, smell, and color. By knowing and understanding these three criteria, you can be sure that the oil you’re getting is of the highest quality and purity.


What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The terms Extra Virgin and Pure are two crucial aspects of identifying this oil. The first term, extra virgin, describes the highest quality olive oil. The second term, pure, describes the oil as being 100% pure and unadulterated. Olive oils are graded based on the amount of acidity in the oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the only grade labeled as PURE. If the oil is labeled anything other than Extra Virgin, it is most likely not pure, which means it has been mixed with other oils.


How to Identify Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The best way to identify this oil is to taste, smell, and look at it. Taste and smell are the most important factors when determining an oil’s purity and quality.

The taste of oil can indicate whether it is pure or impure. If oil has been mixed with any other oils, it will not have the “pure” taste that pure extra virgin olive oil has. The smell of oil can also help you identify its purity. If oil is mixed with another oil, it will smell slightly different from pure EVOO. This is because different oils have different scents.


3 Ways To Identify Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Ways To Identify Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Top ways to identify mild olive oil



Pure EVOO is a mild taste olive oil. It tastes of olives, of course, which includes fruity and even bitter notes.



The oil smells fresh. Any pungent smell may indicate a poor-quality oil.



Pure EVOO, or the mild taste olive oil, is primarily used in dressings or as a condiment, so it should taste pleasant. And therefore, any oil that feels too viscous or thin is likely of poor quality.


Though not always accurate, the color of the oil is another way of finding out the purity of EVOO. Pure and high-quality oil is golden with a green tint. It is most likely impure if the oil is a darker green or brownish-red color. This means it has been mixed with other oils and is not pure.


Benefits of Consuming Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This oil is called liquid gold and can be used in various dishes. Knowing the criteria to identify EVOO’s purity and quality is essential. When consuming pure EVOO, you are getting a healthier oil rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, it is better for your heart, better for your diet, better for your digestive system, and better for your skin.


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