Good quality olive oil is a universal cooking oil with unique characteristics that allow various delicious applications. Not only is it used for marinating and sautéing, but also for baking cakes and cookies. If you have ever shopped by it, you must have noticed an array of options, from extra virgin olive oil to mild olive oil. These come in different bottles covering the color spectrum from pale yellow to deep green, falling under different price ranges. So, are they really different? Let’s watch the duel: Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil: What’s the difference?

Though all olive oil comes from the fruit of the olive plant, the difference lies in how it is extracted and processed. In this blog, we’ll learn the significant differences between olive oil and EVOO. Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil do not taste the same and react differently to cooking heat. EVOO is unrefined (not processed with heat or chemicals) and contains less than 1% oleic acid than regular olive oil. Keep reading for more details.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil: What’s the difference? - Dimarco Evoo
Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil: What’s the difference? – Dimarco Evoo

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

It is a premier oil extracted by mechanical means using the modern centrifugation method. EVOO is unrefined, which means it is not treated with heat or chemicals. Therefore, it retains all the flavor, aroma, natural vitamins, and minerals in olives, making it the highest-quality olive oil. In addition, it has a comparatively lower level of oleic acid than other varieties. And the absence of sensory flaws makes it the most flavorful olive oil you can buy.



Since it has a lower smoke point (which means it burns at a lower temperature), it is perfect for –

The flavor may range from subtle to pungent, which can be an acquired taste.


Olive Oil

Unlike extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil or simply olive oil is filtered and refined. The oil is treated chemically in the refining process and loses most of its flavor, aroma, and vitamin E content. As a result, it is a lower-quality oil than EVOO, with a lighter color and oleic acid measuring between 3-4%.



It is a mild taste olive oil with a higher smoke point, and thus, it can be used for –



While both the EVOO (flavorful olive oil) and smooth olive oil are excellent when used. However, we think olive oil is safer for cooking/frying because of the higher smoke point. And EVOO is ideal for flavorful dressings, dips, and dishes that won’t be cooked so that the flavor can shine through. Try Dimarco best olive oil for pizza to enhance the taste.


Dimarco EVOO olive oil is the almighty elixir. It has more antioxidants than regular olive oil and contains more monosaturated fatty acids, which help reduce bad cholesterol. While there are many brands of olive oil in the market, Dimarco is the best. If you are looking for better & healthy options, you must choose extra virgin olive oil over regular. Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil – which do you think is better? Tell us in the comments.

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