If you were to travel to Italy or open any Italian cookbook, you would find that many chefs use extra virgin olive oil for cooking to add flavor and nutrition to the recipes. Coming from the humble olive, this rich oil can make the difference between simple food and rich cuisine. However, there are a few myths that prevail around the EVOO. We’re here to debunk those myths and encourage you to relish the benefits of olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - DiMarco Olio
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – DiMarco Olio

Myth 1: ‘First cold pressed’ extra virgin olive oil is the best

‘First cold pressed’ – that’s an obsolete & irrelevant term in modern times! Olive oil is not extracted by pressing but instead using centrifugation. This mechanical milling process uses the centrifugal force of rotation to separate the oil from the fruit and water.


Myth 2: Olive oil increases cholesterol

Whoever said that has got it all wrong because olive oil has zero trans fats and zero cholesterol. On the contrary, it is a healthy choice for cooking as it is loaded with monosaturated oleic acid, which helps lower cholesterol.


Myth 3: Light olive oil has fewer fats and calories

Lightness does not refer to calories & fats but flavor & color. In fact, good quality extra virgin olive oil contains good fats that help lower LDLs (Low-Density Lipoproteins).


Myth 4: Cloudy olive oil is healthier

Absolutely not! Cloudiness in olive oil is due to the olive particles that stick around after processing. Therefore, it decreases the oil’s shelf life compared to transparent olive oil.


Myth 5: Color of olive oil is an indicator of quality

Not true! The color of olive oil does not indicate its quality but its freshness. It indicates the variety and ripeness of olives used to extract oil and the climate in which the olives were grown.


Myth 6: Mixing pure extra virgin olive oil with other oils diminishes its benefits

Not at all! You can easily mix olive oil with any other oil while cooking. It won’t diminish its benefits; instead, it will help boost your immune system by lowering bad cholesterol and regulating sugar levels in your body.


Myth 7: Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a low smoking point

It’s a misleading myth. The smoke point depends on the quality and freshness of the oil. In fact, the best mild taste olive oil has a smoke point as high as 400° F. Think about Mediterranean countries that have been cooking with olive oil for centuries!


Myth 8: Heating olive oil makes trans fats

No, trans fats are formed during hydrogenation, when oil is turned into solid fat under extreme temperature and pressure. In simple words, olive oil is the most stable liquid cooking fat and naturally has a high resistance to breaking down under heat.



Olive oil is totally safe for consumption, even when cooked. Consuming olive oil regularly will improve your health while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Try Dimarco Olio 100% EVOO – the best Sicilian good quality virgin olive oil, extracted using Nocillara and Biancolilla olives. Dimarco is the healthiest mild olive oil brand, promoting health & nutrition.


Our next blog will cover Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs Olive Oil: Key Differences. Stay tuned.

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